Thursday, August 13, 2009

Add Pictures

Today, I will scan family pictures and add them to my family tree. And there is the always on-going process of verifying information.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Getting the Data

I found census records that were free on Census Finder and were able to verify birth dates and family names from the census. One problem I see using the census is you can't completely rely on them. The main reason, as I see it, is if a child is born and dies between census dates you would not know that person existed. I am trying to think how you could verify everyone in the family - one way, of course, is family oral report. But if everyone is dead then I'm thinking utilizing the newspapers' obituary section or physically going to the family cemetery and looking there. I also was excited to find Federal Land Records to see how much land my family owned. Overall, a very successful day and I didn't have to pay or charge for anything!!!

World Vital Records

Based on what I was looking for I decided I would not sign up for this website. My main reason was they have not gotten all the counties into the census images/reports. My county was
missing and so the census reports didn't do me any good. They did have newspapers from my state I am looking into and that was very interesting. I would rate the site a 3 because the price was excellent and it has great potential. I'll go back at another time and pay for it when I have discretionary income.

World Vital Records

My preliminary evaluation is not too good. I don't see all the
counties in my state on the census reports. I'm still reviewing the

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I really need to get access to census records. I had a subscription with The subscription fee is $200 and not a viable alternative at this time. So I am going to try out World Vital Records - its membership is $3.33/mo. If anyone knows where I can get census records, whether online or offline, let me know.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Genealogy - Step 1

I started with myself and my family. I figure if I can get all the information I have on me for everyone else, then I will know that their records are complete. I've recorded the info on the family view page. I am using Family Tree software program. I've been able to put down info for my grandfather and grandmother down to my nephew. But no one is complete yet, including me because I haven't done any reports. I have to find out what reports should be done first. And I don't have any papers - only oral information. This is going to take some time to do. I did put in everyone pictures for the family tree and that was fun to do. Any suggestions would be helpful. Later.